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Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders

Avgi Dagga

Dietitian | Nutritionist

Welcome to my website! My name is Avgi Dagga, I was born and raised in the city of Preveza/Greece where I now own my personal Dietitian Office. I studied Dietetics – Nutrition at the Higher Technological Institute of Crete. My internship took place at IASO (Athens), where I loved my profession even more.

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Μελέτη Διατροφικού Προφίλ και Διατροφική Αξιολόγηση

Assessment of Nutritional Profile and Nutritional Evaluation

Nutritional assessment is a multifactorial process that aims to record and evaluate...

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Ειδικά Προγράμματα για Εγκυμονούσες και Θηλάζουσες

Diet Plans for Pregnant and Lactating Women

For most women, the moment they conceive and give birth to their baby is the most...

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Αλλαγή Διατροφική Συμπεριφοράς

Diet Plans for Children and Teenagers

Proper nutrition in childhood is the foundation for the healthy development of...

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Ειδικά Προγράμματα για Ασθενείς

Diet Plans for Patients

Specialized diet plans for patients suffering from pathological conditions...

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Εξ Αποστάσεως Παρακολούθηση

Online Dietitian

Is your daily schedule so busy that you do not have enough time to visit your dietitian?

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Ρύθμιση Βάρους (απώλεια, αύξηση) Ενηλίκων και Παιδιών

Weight Control Diet Plans

Maintaining your body weight after a successful weight loss diet is vital.

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Αντιμετώπιση Παχυσαρκίας

Obesity Treatment

All modern scientific research concludes that an individual's successful weight loss...

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Ανάλυση και Μελέτη Σύστασης Σώματος

Analysis and Study of Body Composition

The goal is to benefit from the most modern procedures in order to accurately...

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Ειδικά Προγράμματα για Αθλητές

Diet Plans for Athletes

Talent and effective training are undoubtedly two of the most important factors...

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Read some of my client’s reviews below.

The best nutritionist! A well-trained professional who loves her job. She inspired me, made me feel confident and comfortable from the first moment I met her. Thank you for your patience and perseverance!
For all of us, that once a week is not enough! With a specific program, flawless methodology and constant support, the goal of losing weight and adopting a good healthy diet became one of my favorite habits and ways of living. - 13kg and counting!
Wonderful, sweet, smiley and above all an excellent professional. My eating habits changed in a short period of time, without making me feel hungry, nor deprived... The results are spectacular!
Perfectly trained dietitian with an extensive knowledge of psychology! Beautiful and spotless office with beautiful aesthetics! I give 5 stars!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I work with you?

My goal is to help people improve their overall health by educating and convincing them on how important it is to adopt a healthy diet as a constant way of living and not as something temporary.

When should I visit a dietitian?

Most of the time, the decision to visit a dietitian is difficult, as many people wrongly believe that they can identify the mistakes they make on their diets and therefore the way of dealing with them.

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Is it possible to lose weight immediately?

While this is everyone’s wish, it can lead to wrong choices and unpleasant results. Fast diets or express diets promising spectacular results in a short period of time are very common as we find them advertising…

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How can I book an appointment?

Are you ready to make the first step towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle? Book your first, free online-meeting with me by clicking here.

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The smell of an orange can relieve stress. Smelling an orange or eating one can ...
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Daily Walking

6 Healthy Benefits of Walking Daily

Helps in weight loss. Increases lung capacity. Improves heart health. Sugar cravings are lowered. Lowers ...
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