Trout with Rice

Ingredients for 4:
• 4 trout (approximately 350g each)
• 1 lemon sliced
• 4 sprigs of fennel/ oregano
• coarse salt
• 1 fennel cut into very thin slices
• a few drops of olive oil
For serving:
• lemon and oil
• boiled greens
• rice of your choice
We preheat the oven to 200 ° C.
We will need 4 pieces of non-stick baking paper.
After we clean the fish very well, we let them drain.
We put salt mainly the abdomen but also externally.
Fill the trout belly with the chopped fennel or the oregano and 1 slice of lemon.
After we prepare all the trout, sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil and wrap each trout in a package separately on a non-stick paper.
Close the packages well and place the trout in a pan.
Put on the middle grill in a medium high oven for 15΄. Leave the fish on the counter for 5΄.
Unroll the trout, put them on a plate, pour over them with the fish juices left in the oil paste, pour over with olive oil and garnish with boiled greens and rice.

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